Current Projects – Sonoma County CA

During our first three years providing Heroic Living Codes to inmates at the Sonoma County jail, we found (to our surprise) that inmates (on their own) were developing community service projects to meet the needs of people within the community.

So, as a result of their creative work, we created a nonprofit, MOTHER in order to support these project leaders (inmates) on their road to recovery. There are currently dozens of Heroic Living projects underway in different stages of their development.

Each of the following Three Major Projects have been approved by MOTHER Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects. Each project contain a variety of different programs. Please contact our office for further details about how to develop and/or support an individual programs and/or projects.


The HEROIC LIVING PROJECT targets people who are facing tough challenges from all walks of life, including young people, middle aged  adults, seniors in every challenging life situation This project includes the following programs:

  • HEROIC LIVING RE-ENTRY PROGRAM for inmates at the Main Adult Detention Facility of the SONOMA COUNTY JAIL.  This program provides Heroic Living Tools for facing their challenges in ways that benefit everyone: themselves, others, and their local community. At the completion of the three-year demonstration phase of our program in December 2015, a total of 329 inmates had requested our program. Our staff provided the full program to 157 of these inmates. An additional 172 inmates waited to be admitted to the program, but were not participate in the program due the need for additional staff and funding.
  • HEROIC LIVING RE-ENTRY RESOURCES PROJECT Provides a listing of local resources for persons who in various stages of re-entry into the community.
  • HEROIC LIVING PERSONAL CODE PACKAGE – Your Heroic Living Personal Code is a symbol that accurately points to (1) the heart of what you most enjoy about being alive (passion) (2) your hidden talents and natural abilities (your unique) and (3) the gift you have to give to others (contribution). At the end of these sessions, you will receive a clear and accurate statement of your code. This package provides a powerful tool that you can use for the rest of your life.
  • HEROIC LIVING COUNSEL OF FRIENDS & ELDERS is a support program made up of Heroic Living Friends and Elders who agree to provide support to individuals who have received their Heroic Living Code. This is a support community made up of  a group of friends who have chosen to honor our personal “life passion” in our daily lives.  And, we have agreed to support each other in the living of our own “life passion.”
  • MONSTER EDUCATION PROGRAM include a series of workshops that show people different practical ways to deal with those things that are “doing violence” to their spirit. These workshops show people different ways to relate to/or manage their core energy and deal with the things that bother them.Quote –“It takes more courage to look at the dark side of one’s own soul — than to fight on the battlefield!” – William Butler Yeat
  • “LEGACY NOW: PERSONAL LEGACY PROGRAM guides individuals through the following phases:
    (a) Legacy Identification:  This phase identifies the most satisfying legacy options for an individual and/or couple.
    (b) Project Vision/Components: Provides help and feedback in the develop of your personal project.
    (c) Assistance in Development of Your Project: – Training and support in the development of your project team.
    (d) Development of your Project Team: – Resources for the training your project support team.
    (e) Training and Support in Financial Reporting of Your Project – Requirements for financial accountability including forms, deadlines, receipts, and project records.
    Definition: “PERSONAL LEGACY: An organized activity that (a) provides a sense of fulfillment to the individual, and (b) makes a difference in the lives of other people. Everyone can make a difference. Any person “regardless of their life situation” can create their own personal legacy.
  • HEROIC LIVING COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROJECT provides information to people of all ages and backgrounds about how to “live heroically” in today’s world and/or in any life situation. Call our office to arrange for a program and/or workshop for your organization.


SPIRITUAL VIOLENCE RESEARCH PROJECT invite research into the study of spiritual violence in the world today. An exploration of different ways to understand, prevent, and recover from the experience of spiritual violence in our lives today.  We define “spiritual violence” as the personal experience of things “doing violence  to our spirit!” The focus of our research is:


The MISSION of the Institute for the Study of Spiritual Violence is to provide an opportunity for charitable foundations and individuals who want to  make a difference, to fund research into the role of “spiritual violence” in our lives today!


HEROIC UNIVERSITY includes the following programs:

  • HERO UNIVERSITY LIBRARY – containing various Heroic Living Tools and Resources
  • INTERNSHIPS- project related learning for individuals
  • APPRENTICESHIPS – in-depth learning with major time/work commitments
  • HEROIC LIVING LEADERSHIP TRAINING focusing upon development of leadership skills based upon the Four Cornerstones of Heroic Living, and how to develop a Heroic Mindset within your organization -“a willingness to journey into new territory and face challenges in ways that benefit everyone.”
  • LISTEN TO  YOUR HEARTBEAT” – intensive personal shaman training — an in-depth  experiential learning experience that teaches a person a variety of ways to access and utilize their hidden talents and natural abilities.
  • MONSTER EDUCATION LEADERSHIP TRAINING a series of workshops that show you different ways to assist people in managing those things that are “doing violence” to their spirit. These workshops show people different ways to relate to/or manage their core energy and deal with the things that bother them.
  • SPIRITUAL VIOLENCE RESEARCH – a professional development  program that results in participants conducting research  and publishing  papers about spiritual violence.  An exploration of different ways to understand, prevent, and recover from the experience of spiritual violence in our lives today.
  • MOTHER VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP TRAINING – We a variety of training programs with certification for Mother Project Volunteers, Mother Project Leaders, Life Passion Facilitators, Heroic Living Re-Entry Project Volunteers, Heroic Living Re-Entry Project, Facilitators,  Monster Education Workshop Leaders, Heroic Leadership Training, Legacy NOW Volunteers, Legacy NOW Project Facilitators


Your donation to MOTHER Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects [501c3] can help fund Heroic Living Projects that are developed by and for people who are facing tough challenges in today’s society.

“The MISSION of the Mother Nonprofit is to encourage people who are facing tough challenges to experience personal fulfillment by utilizing their own experience to develop projects to meet existing human needs within the local community.”

Name:  MOTHER Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects – A Nonprofit Organization
Address:  6366 Commerce Blvd. Suite 308, Rohnert Park CA 94928

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See DEFINITION for a description of the difference between a Mother Project and  Heroic Living Program.