HEROIC LIVING PROJECTS are actively serving people facing challenges in many different ways within our local community. These projects serve people with different ages, backgrounds, and life situations. These projects developed as a result of our many years of working with people facing tough challenges, including our work with inmates at the Sonoma County jail..

MOTHER: Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects

MOTHER: Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects – a Nonprofit Organization provides a variety of support services for the following types of projects within our community:

Friends of Heroic Living Project
Heroic Living Personal Code Package
Heroic Living Sonoma County Community Service Projects
Monster Education Project
Spiritual Violence Research Project
Personal Legacy Projects

These PROJECTS are ready, through Mother Nonprofit,  to receive tax-deductible grants and/or financial contributions from members of the community who want to encourage people to make a difference!

Friends of Heroic Living Project

FRIENDS OF HEROIC LIVING PROJECT provide a way for people who are facing tough challenges to provide friendship, support, and assistance in developing their projects.

Each “Friend of Heroic Living ” has received their own “Heroic Living Personal Code” – a written symbol/poetic statement that accurately points to their personal Life Passion!

Heroic Living Community Service Projects

The HEROIC LIVING RE-ENTRY PROGRAM provides inmates at the Main Adult Detention Facility of the Sonoma County jail with tools for facing their challenges in ways that benefit everyone: themselves, others, and their local community.

THIS PROGRAM provides inmates with tools for (1) developing self understanding and (2) teaches inmates a way to develop and learn new skills. This program identifies their existing skills and teaches inmates how to develop new skills. The program is unique in providing inmates with an “evidence-based learning process” that teaches inmates how to learn from their own experience.

At the completion of the three-year demonstration phase of our program in December 2015, a total of 329 inmates had requested our program. Our staff provided the full program to 157 of these inmates. An additional 172 inmates waited to be admitted to the program, but were not participate in the program due the need for additional staff and funding.

The HEROIC LIVING PERSONAL CODE PACKAGE consists of three private sessions with Peter M Skaife.

Your Personal Code = is a clear and accurate symbol of your unique and personal Life Passion 

You receive a  PERSONAL CODE (symbol)  that accurately points to (1) the heart of what you most enjoy about being alive (passion) (2) your hidden talents and natural abilities (your unique) and (3) the gift you have to give to others (contribution). At the end of these sessions, you will receive a clear and accurate statement of your code. This package provides a powerful tool that you can use for the rest of your life.

Monster Education Project

MONSTER EDUCATION PROJECTS include a series of workshops that show people different practical ways to deal with those things that are “doing violence” to their spirit. These workshops show people different ways to relate to/or manage their core energy and deal with the things that bother them.

Quote –“It takes more courage to look at the dark side of one’s own soul — than to fight on the battlefield!” – William Butler Yeats

Spiritual Violence Project

SPIRITUAL VIOLENCE RESEARCH PROJECTS invite research into the study of spiritual violence in the world today. An exploration of different ways to understand, prevent, and recover from the experience of spiritual violence in our lives today.

Spiritual Violence is . . . our experience of something “doing violence to our spirit!”

Personal Legacy Projects

HERO UNIVERSITY PERSONAL LEGACY PROJECTS provide assistance to individuals who want to create their own Personal Legacy Project.

“PERSONAL LEGACY: An organized activity that (a) provides a sense of fulfillment to the individual, and (b) makes a difference in the lives of other people.

The Hero University “LEGACY NOW” Personal Legacy Program guides individuals through the following phases:

  • LEGACY IDENTIFICATION – This phase identifies the most satisfying legacy options for an individual and/or couple. 
  • PROJECT VISION/COMPONENTS – Help and feedback in the develop of your personal project. 
  • ASSISTANCE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR PROJECT – Training and support in the development of your project team. 
  • DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR PROJECT TEAM -Resources for the training your project support team.
  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT IN FINANCIAL REPORTING OF YOUR PROJECT -Requirements for financial accountability including forms, deadlines, receipts, and project records.

Everyone can make a difference. Any person “regardless of their life situation” can create their own personal legacy.