Definition of Heroic Living Program and Project

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WHAT  is the difference between a “HEROIC LIVING PROGRAM and a “HEROIC LIVING PROJECT?

A HEROIC LIVING PROGRAM is a program that has been designed by a person who has received their own Heroic Living Code.

A HEROIC LIVING PROJECT is made up of one or more Heroic Living Programs that have been qualified by the MOTHER Nonprofit  to receive “tax-deductible” donations from interested individuals and/or organizations.

As a Fiscal Sponsor, MOTHER can qualify your  Heroic Living program to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Heroic Living Program | Heroic Living Project

What is the difference?: A Heroic Living Program is an individual program


Heroic Living Project is a group of programs that qualify to receive tax-deductible donations (as a result of certification by MOTHER Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects)
Created By: A Heroic Living program can be created
by any person who has received
Heroic Living Personal Code.
Any Heroic Living Program can submit a request for approval by MOTHER  Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects, so that the program can qualify for tax-deductible contributions.
Heroic Living Programs
 Many different programs have been created both by Heroic Living staff and by people who have received their Heroic Living Code.

For example, more than 38 different programs have been created by inmates at the Main Detention Facility of the Sonoma County Jail.

These individuals utilize their own experience (their own hidden skills and natural abilities) to develop programs that will meet human needs within their local community.

 MOTHER NONPROFIT has approved the following projects to receive tax-deductible contributions:

  • Heroic Living Project: including the (a) Heroic Living Personal Code Package (b) Monster Education (c) Heroic Living Educational Programs
  • Hero University Project: including advance Training and Certification programs
  • Institute for the Study of Spiritual Violence Project: including research and educational programs

Many different programs are under development that have not yet been submitted to Mother for approval. We hope to see this number increase in the days to come.

Summary: Our HEROIC LIVING PROGRAMS provide information, resources, and support to people who want to face their challenges in ways that benefit everyone — themselves, others and the world.”

These projects serve people with different ages, backgrounds, and life situations. These projects developed as a result of our many years of working with people facing tough challenges, including our work with inmates at the Sonoma County jail

HEROIC LIVING PROJECTS are made up of one or more programs that qualify for tax-deductible contributions because of their certification by  MOTHER Fiscal Sponsor for Community Projects – A Nonprofit Organization.